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Artist: David Vigon

Oil on Canvas, 2023

23" x 33" framed (20" x 30, Unframed)



"Do mathematical laws supersede the finite universe or are they dependent upon its existence?
Life fundamentally exploits these abstract, unchangeable laws as it creates order out of chaos. The computer-generated, 3-D, fractal pattern I used for this painting visually simulates a pure manifestation of a single equation (reiterated); isolated from chemistry, physics, the forces of nature, and all other equations. It represents a natural, yet unnatural sub-reality, at once both familiar and alien. In its spiraling and tapering forms, one can observe biological shapes similar to broccoli and succulent rosettes. One might imagine that such a scene could exist either on some distant world, in a remote microcosm during the Cambrian Explosion, or perhaps in a bowl of blueberry farina."  -DV23
    On view March 14th, pre-sale available
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