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Mixed Media

Growing up in New York City, I was fascinated by the paintings in the many museums.  With my mother being a Broadway dancer, I was surrounded by artists.   I became determined to learn to paint  in the style of the old masters although my early favorites were the Surrealists, Magritte, de Chirico and Dali.  My early paintings were large and with oils, and I loved creating imaginary worlds and spaces.  After a fire destroyed my studio in 1993, and a 7-year hiatus, I began to paint again but with an eye for realism.  A change had occurred in me to accept things as they are and find the beauty in the truth of what was in front of me rather than in my fantasies.  My paintings for the past two decades have focused on discovering and rendering the nuances of natural form and space .  The surreal aspect to my latter work may be seen in choice of subjects throughout my body of work more so than within each individual piece.  My goal is to combine the imagination of my earlier paintings with the techniques of realism I’ve more recently learned.                               

  -David Vigon 2020

davi vigon pic.jpg
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