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Mixed Media

New York-based and self-taught artist Elaine Méndez was
greatly influenced by her mother’s use of textiles and father’s
painting techniques. As she continuously discovered how
colors and form could combine into 3D imaginative scenes, her
first mixed media collages emerged and she began to exhibit
them locally and to date has participated in more than 60 group
and solo shows. Labeling her art as “Outsider Art”, she
employed wood, glass, paper, ceramics and found objects into
her early works. Always encouraged by fellow artists, Mendez
has also experimented with photography, oil, acrylic, sculpting
and more recently resin in her artworks which are being
exhibited at Ward Nasse Gallery. Inspired by multiple
experimentation and fellow mentoring, she continues to be a
“life long learner” in the arts and shares in the pleasure of
discussing her work with the public and offering children’s
workshops in New York and Puerto Rico.

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