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Painting, Prints

Over 40 years working as an Artist, Poet, Photographer, Engraver, Curator, Gallery Manager, Artists Manager and Arts Educator. I have worked in many mediums: painting, printmaking, conventional and digital photography. I started out as a painter and print maker then gravitated into photography.

My concentration is primarily street scenes, architecture, cityscapes, landscapes, and florals, which I image and print on paper, fabric, glass, ceramics and aluminum plates. It usually takes me an average of two years to get from original photograph to completed image through the process of extensive manipulation and layering. Once the process is complete, I compress and flatten layers then convert to a printable .jpeg file of tiff file. The extensive layering allows me to print with robust and unlimited color density and color saturation with the maximum potential for full spectrum of colors and hues possible.

I do my own printing and hand mix my own inks using both opaque and translucent Inks and color wheels, utilizing the principles of both additive and subtractive color, almost exclusively on Kodak Metallic Paper.

Currently most of my printing is 10-14 colors, utilizing a registration system that I custom built for the large format Cannon printers.

I exhibit my work in galleries, museums, art fairs and print shows around the world and have multiple pieces purchased for private and corporate collections.


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Video compilation by Will Chu.

Enjoy this sample of  art work by Fritz Weiss recently on exhibit at our Pop Up Gallery, 454 Broadway, NY, NY 10013

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